Monday, August 4, 2008


So... it has been awhile since we have posted... I'm off of bed rest, back to work. I'm now 8 months along. Tyler is loving his new job and is planning to transfer schools from WIU to University of Phoenix. We kept thinking about how much time he would be spending away from home two nights isn't a lot... but we really like eachother. With him attending University of Phoenix, he can go back online to finish his degree. Tyler put together the stroller errr... I mean "travel system" the other night we got some great shots! Our cat Chiquimula helped out too.


  1. beautiful stroller! i love the colors.
    i got your baby shower invitation- thank you for thinking of me, but i'm going to be in hawaii during that time!
    wow, amanda. she's coming! baby georgia is going to be so adorable!

  2. a baby shower? when is it?