Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Tyler started his Java Script class tonight... you will have to ask him about that. All I know is that he is really excited about it, and that he can now "write Java script"? But I'm happy for him! :) All of his classes from here on out are specific to his program and are at a physical campus, which means he attends one night a week for 4 hours for 9 weeks. He will start a new class every month. He will start doubling up courses in August. As all of the courses are IT related, we are hoping it won't be too stressful since he will enjoy these classes more then say Math or a Business class. I was suppose to start a Statistics class, but alas I am still on bed rest... can't go back to work or anything until my blood pressure balances out. (maybe next week?) I am taking a critical thinking course online, which of course is fine. I just log on in my lounge clothes on the couch and go to class for 2hrs one day a week. I'm half way though this class- so it will end the last week of July. And I think that will be it on classes for me until after Georgia is born.

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