Friday, August 22, 2008

My new due date?

They have finally, officially diagnosed me with preeclampsia. According to the doctors here, if I don't get more sick really fast, I will be induced in 9 days. At this point they are weighing how healthy the baby can be inside me vs how healthy the baby will be in the NICU. The longer I have preeclampsia and the more severe it becomes, the more deadly it can be to me and the baby. Preeclampsia (or Toxemia as it is also commonly known) is a progressive disease with the only cure being delivery. Have I already written about that? oh well, pregnancy, has totally jacked my memory! According to the doctors here, I will be 35 weeks tomorrow 08/23... so I will be delivering sometime next weekend- at 36 weeks. I'm bummed that I missed my baby shower at work today, and then tomorrow, is my baby shower for church and all my in-laws. My mom was here visiting me at the hospital today, and she even pitched stealing me for a few hours tomorrow for the shower... yeah, the nurses didn't go for it. Tyler and my Mom have been at home trying to do the prep work for the baby. I thought I'd have at least another few weeks to do that myself... but I am in the hospital watching TLC all day instead. ;) so they are setting up all the little things, car seat, changing station, washing baby clothes and blankies... I kinda wish I was able to do that... you know more nesting... but I don't' have a choice. And I am so grateful that they are able and willing to do that for me. Mom has her next chemo session this Tuesday, so I have to say, I'm trying to put her on as many little tasks as possible now, before she is out of commission. We are really hoping Georgia and I can hold out till next weekend, so my Mom will have more time to recover from Tuesday's session. I really want her to be here for the birth. But, we just have to see.

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  1. Mom to Mom, Amanda. I know this is a hard time being on bed rest. But just think today or or 9 days from now Georgia will be in your arms. Enjoy her inside of you. (Her hiccups, her kicks...) We will be praying for you Amanda. The second she is born, all of this from blood pressure to peeing every 5 minutes to swollen ankle (or as you said to me cankles :)] will be worth it. We love you and cannot wait to her more updates since we are so far away!