Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8 months... actually 33 weeks

So I am now visiting the OBGyn twice a week because of my hypertension. Twice a week I get a non-stress test (NST) and once a week I have an AFI (Amniotic fluid Index?) when they check the amniotic fluid. This is my second week of it. Today I had just the NST and of course Georgia was NOT cooperating. They can usually get the readings they need in 20-30 minutes... but I was in there for 40. They have this little stick they push on your stomach that vibrates and it is suppose to get the baby going. Well, last week, she sleep right through the first buzz, so they had to buzz her a second time. Today, they buzzed her good and hard; she kicked and then fell right back asleep. My mom says it's just like me...ah ha. very funny. This past Sunday we went to Tyler's parents' house for dinner. Our sister-in-law Michelle gave birth to her second little boy, Trenton Blake, last Wednesday, so of course we had to take an updated foto. Check us out.

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