Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a few photos

here are a few shots I have here at work...
I believe I've mentioned before that Tyler likes to pick a color and then dress GK in that ONE color. This day's color was Purple. That's Georgia's favorite dolly- her Minnie Mouse from Gramma Phyllis. Georgia was lucky Minnie was wearing purple. Tyler has been known to also coordinate the color of her car toy.

Then here is an action shot of Georgia's moving skills... she first pushed her "toy on crack" (to the left of Gigi's head) under the coffee table, then scooted under there herself. We definitely need to start baby-proofing the apartment! I'm still trying to figure out how she got under there...

And we have a morning nap shot. she noticed these amazingly entertaining socks of mine so of course she has confiscated them. she has just as much fun if not more with one of those dumb socks then a "regular toy". here she has collapsed on it after too much fun. You can also see a faint dark outline underneath her (and the sock) that is not a shadow, it's drool. :)


so I'm finally updating the blog! what's been goign on the last month:

  • Georgia started eating "baby food"
  • GK cut her first teeth in Feb! her bottom right and then a week later her bottom left!
  • GK just this Monday started going up on her hands and knees
  • We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 19th of February.
  • The Fam had to stay with Gramma Phyllis for 2 weeks as our water heater went out in our apartment
  • Manda started class again... statistics!
  • Tyler has perfected the art of putting Georgia down for her naps
  • We are preparing to set up the nursery. GK still is in her pack and play in our room.
  • GK has also developed a love of blowing raspberries. she especially likes doing it with a mouth full of baby food. :P
  • Georgia is also pushing herself around; she'll be one place one minute, and 3 feet away the next!

Obviously, we've not been good about keeping the blog up. Things have just been too crazy! As always... we will TRY to do better. :)