Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandma McCarthy

Tyler and I took my mom out yesterday for her birthday, which is actually today the 29th. So we planned on taking her out to a movie and lunch. Tyler suggested Wall-e and Chilis. My mom had another idea. She wanted to see Get Smart & breakfast. "No problem, Mom. Whatever you want." :) We took her to Denny's, we needed to go somewhere else then Crackle Barrel we go there all the time. When we got to the theatre Get Smart wasn't playing, instead of Wall-e, Mom wanted to see WANTED! The rated R Angelina Jolie movie about assassins. The movie was exciting, had a lot of action... but it was pretty bloody and graphic. Tyler and I could not stop teasing her about how WE wanted to see Wall-e and she wanted to see a rated R movie!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This week so far...

Tyler is in his last week of training this week for his new position with the University of Phoenix. He will be working in the IT department, which he is getting his degree in. He is really excited about continuing to gain more experience in his field. I'm on bed rest now because of my blood pressure. My OBGYN put me on some meds for it, and we will check on my numbers on Thursday. If these meds work, then I can go back to work on Friday. If they don't work, then I'll stay on bed rest until they find some meds that will keep my blood pressure in a safe range.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A little scare

So, at our baby appointment last week, I was told to keep track of my blood pressure. Every time I go in to the OB, my readings are high, so they have me lay down on my left side and then retake it. The second reading is then acceptable. I took my BP Wednesday night, and my reading was super high. I took it again first thing when I woke up Thursday morning, even higher- and then again at work mid morning, it was the same. The triage nurse at my OB office told me to go to the maternity triage at Phoenix Good Samaritan right away. (Good Samaritan is where I will be delivering because it is the only hospital in the valley that is equipped for high risk pregnancies) So there I laid for 3hrs while they continuously checked my BP and took blood for testing. They came back and stated that I do not have pre-eclampsia...thank least for now? With such high blood pressure already, I need to watch if my hands, feet, or face suddenly swells (among other warning signs). So they sent me home and to keep my appointment next week with my OB. I'm a little frustrated and nervous knowing that I am just sitting here with super high blood pressure. (for example 151/103). Tyler decided last night that I would go to work today IF my blood pressure was normal. It was 145/103 so I stayed home and had to lay down all day. But at least my blood pressure is better having stayed flat all day. We will keep you all posted!

Our First Blog!

Welcome to our first blog! We are still under construction, so thanks for your patience! We are happy to be here, and be better connected to our friends and family. :)