Monday, February 2, 2009

The girls are sick...

Pray for Tyler. Both me and Gigi are sick and Ty is feeling a little overwhelmed. :( We both have a cold with a nasty cough. He took Gigi to the doc this morning, and she had this breathing treatment with meds in it, or something... i guess she HATED having the little mask on and cried the whole time. so the two of us slept most the day; I stayed home from work.

Saturday Georgia had another first! She was getting a bath and we were just finishing up and then I hear Muuuuuurrrrrraggggggghhhhh! I look down at her, confused, and see two long skinny snakes emerge from between her legs. I immediate start laughing and cheering that she was able to get all of that out! She has been a little constipated as she has been getting this cold. I love how oblivious she was. She just kept smiling away and splashing. And it probably didn't help that I was laughing and smiling too. ahahahahha!