Monday, November 17, 2008

Our New President

So I am clicking around checking out the blog-0-sphere I'm noticing just about everyone has something about the election. Again, I will make an attempt to catch up. :) On November 4th Tyler and I with Georgia went to our polling place to vote for the 44th President. Tyler, GK, and I had our usual hour commute home from the East side of the Valley and we were hungry and tired and we just wanted to get in there mark up our ballots quick and get home. But as I grabbed the pen and went to mark my vote for President, it hit me. I wasn't just voting for the Democratic nominee because he was a democrat, I was voting for Barack Obama because I believed in him. I was voting for him because I wanted him to be our next President. I knew Arizona was going to go 'red', but I still wanted to vote and participate in the altering of our country. Come what may, it will be a different place, and I am very proud that we were apart of it.


  1. Have you read "The Audacity of Hope"? I'm reading it now and it is blowing me away. I mean, I'm gushing! I'm very excited to have this man be our President.

  2. you go, girl! I am proud to say that I voted for him, too. I am anticipating the change that is coming.

  3. That's how we felt here in Utah! I'm happy to say though, that Salt Lake County was BLUE!! At least one part of Utah got it right! ;)