Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brayton's Birthday

This past Saturday was cousin Brayton's 3rd birthday party at Brandon & Michelle's place. And I didn't get ONE foto of the birthday boy!! Georgia and I went out there for the BBQ and cake. Michelle made the cake and did an awesome job decorating it with a Transformers theme. We got him a Nerf Blaster gun that shoots ping pong balls. But I was mad Tyler wouldn't let me open it after we gave it to him. I LOVE putting kids toys together! he is such a party pooper sometimes! ah ha! Brayton would have wanted me to open it for him... :) Then Daddy joined us at the party (Ty works on Saturdays until 5) and we played Rock Band. I was good though, I didn't hog the mic this time. I shared. Here's Gigi in her little party outfit. Tyler had a paper due and it was getting late, but I was being irresponsible and kept putting off leaving. Here is Tyler and GK saying "We have had enough!". I don't know who's expression I love more!!

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