Wednesday, October 15, 2008

progress of moving-

so... we still haven't "moved in" to our apartment yet. We did some painting today- finishing the living room accent wall and the dinning room nook. I don't think we are going to paint Georgia's room before we move in; which is fine, since GK (Georgia Kathleen) is still in our room anyway. Tyler and Dustin Bryan moved our dinning room set in last week and Tyler set that up today. :) And I packed up almost all of our clothes. But man, when we come home from work, it is feed the baby and feed ourselves... and go to bed. We are having the EQ coming Saturday night to help move the couches, the bed, and the bedroom furniture. I just don't know how we are going to have everything else ready to go by then...


  1. more photos of Georgia, please! I bet she has changed so much.

    p.s: that's "photos", not "fotos." I understand that writing it in Spanish means typing one less letter, but come on!

  2. you're so lucky that you can paint the walls in your new place! our walls are so white, we've resorted to just hanging a bunch of pictures and fabric from our travels.