Monday, February 2, 2009

The girls are sick...

Pray for Tyler. Both me and Gigi are sick and Ty is feeling a little overwhelmed. :( We both have a cold with a nasty cough. He took Gigi to the doc this morning, and she had this breathing treatment with meds in it, or something... i guess she HATED having the little mask on and cried the whole time. so the two of us slept most the day; I stayed home from work.

Saturday Georgia had another first! She was getting a bath and we were just finishing up and then I hear Muuuuuurrrrrraggggggghhhhh! I look down at her, confused, and see two long skinny snakes emerge from between her legs. I immediate start laughing and cheering that she was able to get all of that out! She has been a little constipated as she has been getting this cold. I love how oblivious she was. She just kept smiling away and splashing. And it probably didn't help that I was laughing and smiling too. ahahahahha!


  1. You poor things! All of you! I hope you are able to get over your colds quickly!

    Baths are a good way to help constipated babies relax and poop as you have now discovered!

    Miss you guys!

  2. So sorry to hear that you are sick. Colin still has to use a nebulizer whenever he gets a bad cold and cough. Thankfully neither Colin nor Katie have ever left a floating Snicker's Bar in the tub. That is hilarious! can keep the tub!!! hahaha!

  3. Mike just said that when he and Tim were little and taking a bath, he remembers that Tim pooped in the tub, or as he put it, "he laid a turd!" Now that is funny!

  4. yes, Krista, that is funny!!
    Baby Georgia and Amanda - get better soon! And Tyler, stay strong my man.