Saturday, April 11, 2009

April news

so I guess our blog is a monthly thing now?! Let's see- nothing too big is going on with everyone. The biggest thing is the new member of our family. We have surrendered my cat, Chiquimula to my mom to keep her company. :( So without her here, I finally gave in to Tyler's 5yrs of pleading for a dog. We adopted Napoleon last Saturday. He is a Yorkie Bichon- (Yorkshire Terrier/ Bichon Frise mix) he is absolutely adorable. And truth be known, cats are A LOT different from dogs. it has been a true adjustment for me... I'm still trying to figure out how to interact with him. But Tyler is loving him! he is 2months old- and NOT potty trained, so you can only imagine. here are a few shots of our little Napoleon (or Poley for short)... and there is a shot of GK in her jumper. :)

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