Sunday, June 29, 2008

Grandma McCarthy

Tyler and I took my mom out yesterday for her birthday, which is actually today the 29th. So we planned on taking her out to a movie and lunch. Tyler suggested Wall-e and Chilis. My mom had another idea. She wanted to see Get Smart & breakfast. "No problem, Mom. Whatever you want." :) We took her to Denny's, we needed to go somewhere else then Crackle Barrel we go there all the time. When we got to the theatre Get Smart wasn't playing, instead of Wall-e, Mom wanted to see WANTED! The rated R Angelina Jolie movie about assassins. The movie was exciting, had a lot of action... but it was pretty bloody and graphic. Tyler and I could not stop teasing her about how WE wanted to see Wall-e and she wanted to see a rated R movie!

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